In our Australia wide organisation we try to create an enjoyable safe atmosphere for people to learn and experience the feeling of Ki Aikido -  which incorporates light and gentle movements, calming and focusing of the mind, while the body is attempting to move harmoniously with our partner.


Every class is different, our main focus is on the comprehension of the principles of Aikido and how they combine with the other aspects to form a beautiful free flowing self defence.

For more information on the history of the Aikido please go to Ki Federation of Great Britain website – 

Aikido is such a young art compared to other Martial arts of China and Japan. That it appears to be  changing and evolving all the time, or as my teacher Sensei Ken Williams says - “No son, it is you that is changing.”............... Which is true, the principles of Aikido do not change.


It is our understanding and practice of these principles in every day life that challenges our perception, beliefs and who we are. It ripples through the rest of your being like a pebble thrown into a pond. This to me is one of the beauties of the Aikido.

Sensei: Adrian Smith – 5th Dan