Dojo Ettiquette


·         Please arrive at least 15- 20 minutes before class starts. It is each persons responsibility to help lay the mats and correctly set up the Dojo. All students should also help put away the mats and tidying the Dojo before leaving.

·         Wear loose, sturdy clothing or a Gi ( Kidogi ), remove all jewelry.

·         Bring  clean slip on shoes (zori) to wear to and from the mat.

·         Please keep your kidogi and yourself clean, out of respect to yourself and others. Trim nails to prevent injury.

·         Bow once upon entering the dojo and once upon leaving the dojo when class is finished

·         Before stepping on the mat at the start of class , bow once at the edge of the mat, then turn and remove your footwear. At the end of the class, slip your foot wear back on, turn to face the mat, and bow to finish. ( You do not need to bow each time you step on and off the matt during class , only make sure you wear slip on shoes off the mat )

·         Address your teacher as “Sensei” (Which means teacher) at all times.

·         When you hear the Sensei clap, stop what you are doing immediately, and follow the Sensei's instructions ( this usually means sit to the sides, so Sensei may address the class or demonstrate)

·         Do not run or shout in the dojo

·         Alcohol is not to be consumed before practice

·         Have a positive attitude and be greatful for the opportunity to practice with whom ever is there, regardless of their grade or experience


Politeness. Rules of behaviour and common decency are 
very much part of Ki Aikido. All students are expected 
to acquaint themselves with Aikido etiquette. After starting
practising one should try not to give up but continue 
with a strong mind, being determined to overcome 
difficulties. You will by and by understand the principle 
and spirit of Aikido feeling a great benefit. 

Sensei Williams 2002.